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NG Redesign?

2007-07-19 02:10:05 by Storm

So, after a few days of waiting for the new design to finish, I guess alot of previous NG users were kind of dissapointed. At the moment I'm writing, the text box is lagging so much it's killing me. Anyone noticed how the layout has got... bigger? Like when the old one was a little bit smaller, I could read properly. But now it looks wierd. Also they've kind of made the focus on posts much less, now the level icons are much bigger and take up much of the space. Now I can't really see the greatness of reaching my 1000 posts anymore because the ugly Level 5 icon taunts me. Well, all in all, the new redesign is kind of good - like the profiles and blogs are a nice idea - but it just needs a bit of adjusting, right?